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This is a personal project I started for the new year. My goal is to create a new gift card design each week. This is a challenge to design at a small scale, diversify subject matter, have a jumping point for downtime personal work and keep up a long-term project. I woul love to work with brands on creating gift cards. I find that they’re a fun opportunity to incorporate illustration and design at a customer touchpoint

without it having to be too serious or brand-focused.

Week 1: Food delivery service
Week 2: Thank you
Week 3: Valentine’s Day
Week 4: Craft store
Week 5: Baby shower
Week 6: Hardware store
Week 7: Movie theater
Week 8: Friendship
Week 9: Mentor / Teacher
Week 10: Sunglasses shop
Week 11: Tea Party
Week 12: Back to School
Week 13: Bookstore
Week 14: Gaming


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