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One weekend while grabbing breakfast at my favorite local spot Cafe Duet I noticed there was back area being drywalled. I got in contact with the owners Betsy and Dan and proposed an idea for a potential mural there. They were onboard and very gracious in letting me run free in their beautiful cafe. 

A bit about the process below:

This is the sketch I initially presented. The team was onboard but thougt that something a bit more zoomed-out would serve the area better as it is a very narrow space and might not photograph well having such large illustrations as a backdrop. We wanted to keep the same imagery with the coffee plants and mugs and other nature icons, so I created a new sketch with a similar vibe but more detailed.

From here I presented a few color options and got the greenlight to start painting! The installation of the mural took me three nights of working roughly 9 hour shifts. 

These are a few of the color palette proposals I sent in our final round. The middle was chosen.

If you’d like a mural in your business, home or event reach out!

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